Competitive Edge Junior Academy

The Competitive Edge Academy - What sets us apart

Our commitment to competition
This elite training program propels your child beyond the basics, by sculpting the physical and mental strategies necessary for successful competition.

Our advanced technology

How advanced?

Our state-of-the-art training digital video equipment has detailed analysis capabilities which will allow us to examine every aspect of your child’s performance (including stroke, foot position and ball placement) and offer thorough, specific feedback.

Our exceptional staff and services.

Your child will benefit from the comprehensive knowledge and outstanding experience of our dedicated instructors. All members of our staff have either
ATP rankings and international experience, or have been Division I collegiate players.

Our Certified Tennis Conditioning Specialist and Mental Skills Training Specialist will help construct custom-designed programs for your child that include workouts and strategies proven to provide the best results for tennis players

Our Optimal Fitness Training Program

Do you want your child to go beyond the traditional training and gain the edge that is necessary in today’s tennis game?
We can make that happen.

Our custom-designed programs are specifically created to build the essential components of fitness required for tennis players – flexibility, strength, endurance, power, agility, speed, body composition and aerobic capacity.

Our Personal Mentoring Program Private meetings with you, your child and Danny will give you the opportunity to hear feedback about your child’s progress, including specific strengths and areas that need to be developed. We will help your child become a confident player who is focused, disciplined, knowledgeable, competitive and, most importantly, knows how to enjoy the game.

Competitive Edge’s Daily Program

A typical day at Competitive Edge consists of the following:
• Warm-up
• Goals for the day
• Drilling
• Instruction
• Digital video training
• Fitness/conditioning
• Match play
• Individual mentoring

Strategies include:

• Goal Setting
• Mental Focus
• Distraction Control
• Positive Attitude
• Good Sportsmanship
• Never Giving Up
• Playing with a Purpose

Is the Competitive Edge Program right for you?

Competitive Edge is looking for players who want to take their game to the next level. Our programs will maximize each player’s individual strengths to combine fitness and overall conditioning with the mental and strategic tools neccessary for competition.