Early Birds 2015-16

Early Birds Court-Time provides an opportunity for frequent tennis players to get daily court-time at a preferential rate. For an up-front annual fee of $800, plus the cost of Club membership, you can play Singles or Doubles as often as you want from 6-9am on weekdays. Arrange your own matches, or join a group. Great way to start the day!


1) Please complete and return an Early Birds Registration form, with your $100 deposit, by August 1st, to reserve your place. Use the form provided with this letter, or sign-up online using this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1MF6WRUQGspB5KsAhs8PvqYOtD683AKF5NvgW4Qv...
2) Balance payments are due on September 1st. All players must be fully paid before playing.
3) All players must be RTC members, and membership payments are due on September 1st.

Date Schedule:

Season runs September 1st 2015 - August 31st 2016, excluding the following dates:
• Labor Day (September 7th, 2015)
• Thanksgiving Day (November 26th, 2015)
• Independence Day (July 4th, 2016)

Rate Schedule:

Non-refundable deposit: $100 per player, payable 8/1
Balance payment:
Individual $700 per year, payable 9/1
(or in 2 instalments of $350 on 9/1/13 and 1/1/14)
Seniors $700 per year, payable in quarterly instalments on 9/1, 12/1, 3/1, 6/1
Club Membership:
• $125 + tax (Individual)
• $200 + tax (Family)
• $65 + tax (Junior)
• Complimentary (Senior Citizens 62+)
• Guest Fee: $15 per visit. Maximum of 3 visits per year

Early Bird Guidelines:

- Play is unlimited on weekdays from 6-9am on a “first-come, first-served” basis.
- Please be considerate of other players at busy times. Singles players should move over and play doubles if others are waiting for courts.
- Current Early Bird members have organized themselves into informal groups based on playing level, and arrange matches to suit individual schedules. New members are welcome to join these groups for scheduled match-ups, or may arrange their own play.